18. září 2012


Hi, i want to show you this cityhall, it´ll be part of town square. In front of this building will be a small park. In the park will be David´s statue, St. David was a patron of Sandville.

16. srpna 2012

Some improvements

Hello, i made a lot of changes in game in last month, some new locations, some characters and i change the time machine. This old version looks terrible, so i´ve made some improvements, but I don´t show you now, maybe sometime on our Facebook page. Wait for release game which is closer and closer

30. června 2012

3D anaglyph scene

Good day guys,
I´m testing new fully 3D anyglyph scene of farm, you need only red-cyan glasses and good eyes

26. května 2012

Farm Scene

Hello, I´ve made this scene. Its Brian´s father farm. Missing some details like windmill, grass etc. It has animation, so it will be added in Wintermute soon. Tomorrow i will work on cityhall and Sandville Main street..

22. dubna 2012

Time Machine uncovered!

Hi guys,
Today i have little surprise. Here is render of car. Yes, it´s Time Machine!
I hope you like it :-)

22. ledna 2012